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Essentia baldur

Essentia baldur

Essentia baldur

Essentia Baldur is a shaving brush made in collaboration with the craftsman Arcangelo Ambrosi.
For this handle, a sculpture in olive wood has been created, and it represents stylized tentacles, all incorporated in transparent resin and flakes of 24 kt gold leaf.
The tuft used for this version is the Shavemac silvertip (brand of tufts that will also be available in future versions)

This brush will have a limited edition of 4 pieces.

The brush will be shipped together with the hand-turned ash wood packaging, with an olive inlay with the two engraved logos of the two artisans: Marco Testini of Essentia brushes and Arcangelo Ambrosi.
Two position nacre markers have also been inserted for closure, while inside two magnets facilitate tightening.


Materials: Olive tree carved and incorporated in transparent resin with flakes of 24 kt gold leaf
Total height: 11.4
Tuft height: 5.4 cm
Handle height: 6
Tuft diameter: 28 mm Shavemac silvertip

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